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The Memorial

The Grafeneck Memorial Site is on the grounds of the Samariterstift Grafeneck. At Grafeneck live and work mentally and physically disabled. At the site entrance, a large, carved, granite stone dedicates the memorial to the "10,654 sick and disabled people who were murdered here in 1940 by the National Socialist Regime."

The focus of the memorial is an outdoor chapel. Designed by architect Professor Eberhard Weinbrenner of N├╝rtingen, the chapel features a granite altar in front of a rough wall of local stone. In the center of the wall, a large piece of granite is "torn" to express the grief of the victims and their families. A roof supported by a steel framework shelters the altar.

A bronze marker on the memorial site marks the interred ashes of about 250 unknown victims. Other engraved granite plaques mark the sites related to the tragedy. An exhibit in the institution's main building (the castle) describes the events at Grafeneck in 1940 for the many who visit the memorial annually.

The Grafeneck Memorial Committee also has a number of continuing projects which support and expand the memorial. An oral history project records interviews with people who lived near the institution in 1940. The voices of visitors saying the names of the victims are recorded. The Committee also maintains an archive on the victims and the history of euthanasia in Grafeneck. The archive contains photos, documents, and other records. Brochures and other printed materials describe this work for the public.

The Memorial was built, and continues to be maintained, through the help of both local volunteers and others from all over the world. The Grafeneck Memorial is maintained by the Samariterstift Grafeneck and operated by the Grafeneck Memorial Committee. Financial support is provided by the German government and through donations from individuals and organizations.

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